fossils suggest whales evolved from tiny deer-like creatures

does anyone think that some of the creatures that are only 'known' because of fossils could be in the imagination of some paleontologist who didn't actually find all the 'pieces' for which he was looking? give it some thought. seriously, some of those short t-rex arms could have been missing two segments or something. okay, so that example is a bit ridiculous, but i just think people find something, and their findings get exaggerated until some new creature 'evolves' out of the discovery of an old giraffe neck-bone laying next to a turtle shell.


i have a theory

There is a new product on Gmail that will change the world. AIM on Gmail is going to create more people being down with Gmail. Once all the people are using it, they can phase out the AIM part, because everyone should have realized that Google rules, and Gmail is the shit. I am going to be the biggest advocate of Google besides the people at Google themselves. If anyone needs a Gmail account to see why I'm nerding all over the place, send me a message with your email address. If you don't want to put it on here, you had to have seen this link on AIM, Gmail, or Facebook so message me on that.

In other news, I heard a radio commercial for a place that said, "Come on in and find out why we're the best kept secret in town." This is very puzzling, because I can't understand why they would be a secret if they were that good. It was a furniture store or something, so I can't see why people would keep the place a secret. Is there anyone trying to keep this furniture store for himself? I don't think so. It's a secret, because the place sucks, and nobody cares.