Optimize your Optimization.

I constantly am looking for a better way to write my functions. I want them to be fast, flexible and readable. However, in the fast department, I also want to write them fast. Tradeoffs are always made in programming. It hit me recently to optimize my optimizations. That is, focus my optimization on the things used the most.

I was working out a function in a web app controller which gets accessed every time there is a write operation on the database. I was trying to figure out how to perform less reads to get the data into the write function. This is when I realized that the write operations would be done, on average, less than once a day. I think I can handle two or three reads per write in that frequency.

Now I can move on, but while I'm working on optimizing things that happen every second, what do you think of this approach? Am I caring too little? Should I be concerned of anything? How would you approach it?

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