you bet, if it's aspercreme

that is what you would hear if you heard a commercial for aspercreme today. however, before that lame slogan, they had this catchy one:

you bet your sweet aspercreme. this ad only ran for a limited time. i caught it a handful of times before they changed the slogan. apparently you can say shit on tv, but you can't say sweet aspercreme. pish posh.

in other news, subway has had a scrabble game going on this summer. i have a theory that, as sad as it is, facebook's scrabulous application plays a huge part in this. besides a small handful of people, no one played scrabble leisurely. now both subway and facebook are promoting scrabble hardcore. maybe milton bradley is in cahoots with subway and facebook and that's the real reason this is going on. whatever, i guess. i still love scrabble.

update: while searching for how long the commercial actually ran (i estimate, based on the comments, around three months), i came across a ridiculous post that is completely the opposite of what i was saying. go tell this guy what a douchebag he is. and all his friends.


i felt it!

ian and i laughed at this commercial for years when we saw it years ago. in other words, we are still laughing at this commercial now. last night, in portland on fessenden st where the parties apparently happen out of nowhere on a thursday night, when not even some of the people who live there know what just happened, an event occurred that sent us cracking up, and no one would understand what was going on. anyway, someone at the beer pong table was getting really pumped and excited about a rebuttal. in getting pumped he said, "something magical has to happen here." shortly after that, something good for his side did indeed happen, and he proclaimed, "something magical is happening here! Did you feel it?!" When no one chimed in, he answered himself with, "i felt it" in the exact tone that janice says it above.

so yeah, the point is that it would be really impressive to see a movie in which the characters develop inside jokes throughout the movie, and those jokes come up again later in really funny situations. like the time that friends and i heard the exact same song in a driver's ed instruction video that we saw in a porno a couple years earlier.


going for a walk

i am about to go for a walk around farmington. maybe scope out the help wanted signs in the windows, since i am probably going to be in farmington a lot this fall. ian and i helped eben move most of the stuff that is in his new apartment. it's a pretty sweet place to chill. it's really big too.

i haven't really taken advantage of this new blog, i apologize to anyone who pays attention. i think jesse is the only one. my plan was to use my book to write down creative ideas to put in here. instead, it turned into a lyric book in combination with a movie idea book. lame i know, but i think my friends are funny people, and i would really like to create a movie with some of the great dialog that i hear every day. you know, i've never gone an entire calendar day without laughing. in my whole lifetime i can't think of one single day i did not belt out a hearty laugh.

anyway, since my book is getting filled, i will let everyone in on some of my ideas. for now, i will leave some lyrics i thought of and liked a lot. maybe later i'll ask for your opinions on my movie ideas. for now, just read and give me advice on this stuff.

oh yeah i have no title for this yet. . .

pawned most of her stuff
guess i didn't love her enough
besides, that camera had too many memories of us

looking back on signs
really should have realized
but, i left her thirteen hundred miles behind

now as time passes
it forces memory lapses
although, i remember looking better in these sunglasses

it needs a chorus, but i hope you liked it. i know i did. i imagine the band rocking out after each verse with it quiet while the lines are given.

bye for now.