going for a walk

i am about to go for a walk around farmington. maybe scope out the help wanted signs in the windows, since i am probably going to be in farmington a lot this fall. ian and i helped eben move most of the stuff that is in his new apartment. it's a pretty sweet place to chill. it's really big too.

i haven't really taken advantage of this new blog, i apologize to anyone who pays attention. i think jesse is the only one. my plan was to use my book to write down creative ideas to put in here. instead, it turned into a lyric book in combination with a movie idea book. lame i know, but i think my friends are funny people, and i would really like to create a movie with some of the great dialog that i hear every day. you know, i've never gone an entire calendar day without laughing. in my whole lifetime i can't think of one single day i did not belt out a hearty laugh.

anyway, since my book is getting filled, i will let everyone in on some of my ideas. for now, i will leave some lyrics i thought of and liked a lot. maybe later i'll ask for your opinions on my movie ideas. for now, just read and give me advice on this stuff.

oh yeah i have no title for this yet. . .

pawned most of her stuff
guess i didn't love her enough
besides, that camera had too many memories of us

looking back on signs
really should have realized
but, i left her thirteen hundred miles behind

now as time passes
it forces memory lapses
although, i remember looking better in these sunglasses

it needs a chorus, but i hope you liked it. i know i did. i imagine the band rocking out after each verse with it quiet while the lines are given.

bye for now.

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