you bet, if it's aspercreme

that is what you would hear if you heard a commercial for aspercreme today. however, before that lame slogan, they had this catchy one:

you bet your sweet aspercreme. this ad only ran for a limited time. i caught it a handful of times before they changed the slogan. apparently you can say shit on tv, but you can't say sweet aspercreme. pish posh.

in other news, subway has had a scrabble game going on this summer. i have a theory that, as sad as it is, facebook's scrabulous application plays a huge part in this. besides a small handful of people, no one played scrabble leisurely. now both subway and facebook are promoting scrabble hardcore. maybe milton bradley is in cahoots with subway and facebook and that's the real reason this is going on. whatever, i guess. i still love scrabble.

update: while searching for how long the commercial actually ran (i estimate, based on the comments, around three months), i came across a ridiculous post that is completely the opposite of what i was saying. go tell this guy what a douchebag he is. and all his friends.


  1. totally forgot that it's the anniversary of the greatest fraud scheme in history, but the reason i forgot is who cares?

  2. ...I didnt forget. The reason I didnt forget? Because im smart.

  3. I'm glad you're always posting awesome commercials. keep that up.